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Mission Statement

I believe that every person on this planet has at least some small amount of good within them. I believe that corporate greed, or greed at any level, combined with the inefficiency of those who govern us, have led to a state of apathy, which leads to lethargy, and inhibits the inherent goodness in people from acting to benefit others. I have founded an organization, and hope to start a ground swell of movement, encouraging others to follow or preferably live the Golden Rule. This is not tied to any religion, for that would exclude the other religions and atheists, all of who can strive to benefit their fellow man. It has no political agenda, but has the potential to ease the burden on any administration, and thus, the potential to ease their burden on those they govern.


Without affiliating with any religion, nor researching all religions, I hope you will see that the primary goal is in harmony with that of most religions; care for thy fellow man. Without crediting any political persuasion by not citing the President who said this, it pays homage to a noble inspiring speech where we as a people were implored to, “Ask not what your country can do for you, but instead ask what you can do for your country.” I am but one man with a camera…and an enormous printer. I have been struck by an idea, where I use those tools and my boundless enthusiasm as an incentive to motivate others. They may make a charitable donation to the cause, or they may “pass it forward” and perform some random act of kindness within their community. They are welcome to do both.


I am offering my services as an adequate photographer pro bono to anyone in need of photographs of anything. I will display the images I capture freely on my website, where you may tell me which you would like me to print, in what size and what number. I will print whatever you request, and give them to you as a gift with no obligation. All I ask is that you take a moment to read this mission statement, think about what those printed enlargements mean to you, what they would have cost in sitting fees, and printing fees from a professional photographer, the taxes you would have to pay on those fees, then look in your wallet or bank account, and do either, or both of the following.


Option One is to make a charitable donation to the foundation…the easy way out if you like. You receive a receipt to use when you file your taxes, and because you have contributed, your name will appear on a website Roster of Kind Hearted Souls. There will be no “Platinum, Gold, Silver, and Bronze Level Contributors” as no-one who gives should be made to feel inferior to anyone else who gives if they truly gave all they felt they could. The roster will be a homogenous wall of well intended people.


Option Two is to pass the kind deed forward…much harder I know…but think of the potential benefits. Promise me you will take a homeless person to lunch, coach a youth sports team for a season, fix your neighbor’s fence, teach a child to play the guitar. If you are a surgeon, hold a lottery once a month, and give one lucky patient their surgery pro bono. If you own a heavy equipment company, get a permit from the council, and pave a street in your neighborhood that is riddled with pot-holes. The foundation can pay for the diesel if you provide the labor. Think of the free advertising, and the gratitude from your neighborhood. An unemployed mechanic may be so grateful that he offers to fix your truck that broke down while paving that street. You may then offer him a permanent job in your company, and need him because of all the new business your one kind deed generates. Simply perform some generous act, tell me what you did, and you also, are listed of the Roster of Kind Hearted Souls.


Once you are on that webpage, either through financial contribution or good deed, you will be provided an avenue to tell me your ideas for how you would like the fund distributed. The foundation has no specific agenda or cause, it only wants to promote good. If your donation is enough to complete one project, tell me exactly what you want done, and I will make it happen, giving you direct recognition for the result. If you have more global ideas, tell me, and I will post suggestions on the site and allow all other contributors to vote in a purely democratic system. The fund may be used for disaster relief, to assist the school system, ease the pain of a police widow, reward a kind deed that went mostly unnoticed.


Ponder this is you will. Once the surgeon does his one pro bono surgery for the month, or the heavy equipment company owner fixes that street, they have effectively lowered the cost of healthcare and removed some load from the taxation system that was going to collect five million dollars to fix that five hundred thousand dollar stretch of street. Those taxes, no longer need to be collected, or could instead be applied to reducing the national debt. If this movement spread across the country and around the world, the projects completed and the money saved, would be immeasurable. Health insurance companies could lower premiums and governments could lower tax rates if we just helped ourselves.


This potentially huge charitable fund will be held in a small town credit union, actively helping it’s community, rather than a global bank where executives take multi-million dollar bonuses, hopefully shaming them into being less driven by greed. I am seeking out like-minded people to spread this around the world. I am just one man with a camera…and that very large printer.

Kym Janiak - Founder

"Changing Our World One Picture At A Time!"

"If a picture is worth a thousand words, as we've heard all our lives, how much is the 1,000 words above worth to you?" - Please donate accordingly!
(It really is exactly 1,000 words...count them if you like! ;-)

***I would like to thank Barbara B., of Lubbock, TX for being you only person who signed my petition on the WhiteHouse website.

*** As stated above, I will happily photograph anything for anyone in the name of this cause, and that should always be the case. I am hoping that people will start to see the good this cause begins to do around the place, and the 100% efficiency with which it operates (all operating costs will be covered by my seperate photography business ), and consider giving to the cause just because it feels good, and 100% of your contribution will go to a worthy need that you may dictate. If you read this and feel inspired to donate, you may mail a check to :-

The Boomerang Initiative
P.O. Box 64836 
Lubbock, TX, 79464

Thank you in advance for your generous donation!

Mission StatementAbout MeProud SponsorsThe Fund & Its Impact Thus FarProjects Completed in Initiative's NameRoster of Kind Hearted SoulsSuggestions for Uses of FundContact MeGuestbook