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About Me

...and what i believe!

***I need your help! I have until November 3rd to gather 25,000 signatures on a petition at a new White House forum, where if you reach that threashold within a 30 day window, you are guaranteed an official response, and possibly one from the President himself. If you harmonize with anything on this site, please go to and sign my petition....then post a link to this site on your facebook page, "like" it and tell all your friends to do the same!

For now, please just go to my site to read my personal history, then just add that I was struck by what I think is a great idea to do only good in the world, by using my (questionable) skills as a photographer as incentive for people to donate to my newly formed charitable trust. More to come as this website takes better shape. Please check back often.

I, nor The Boomerang Initiative are in any way opposed to people being successful; we are however vehemently opposed to greed and all it causes. If you treat your customers, clients and fellow man, fairly and well, you SHOULD succeed, and you are probably quite likely to be generous with any wealth you acquire. I am writing this section (10/04/2011) of the website as the protests in NYC and elsewhere, over Wall St. and Corporate greed are underway. The banks and large corporations, have lured hard working people into thinking they can afford a bigger house than they really can, forclosed on them, lost that revenue stream, and are now scraping the bottom of the barrel for revenue by eliminating free checking accounts and implementing all manner of sundry fees. The economy is in critical condition, those who have some savings are are holding onto them in fear, scared to invest or spend anything, preferring to hold onto what they have. That isn't helping the economy. The banks, by imposing new fees and removing gratis services, are only further stifling any initiative to risk a new business venture, open a store or manufacturing plant....the things that will get the economy rolling again.

Currently, I only have this and my photography business website up and running, though I have several sites registered, and will develop those as IT and HTML programming help become available to me. I hope to bring people with ideas and skills together, encourage them to risk a little, start a business partnership, make people aware of it here, employ some people, be successful through non-greed based business practices. I assure you that if you put the customer, and your employees first, and "the bottom line" last, that people will pay attention, respect you for your business practices, flock to you, and that "the bottom line" will be there as a consequence, rather than an obsession.

There was a time when companies and corporations in this country and around the world had lofty ideals and noble principles involving the betterment of mankind and the sustainable growth of that company by those ideals and principles. Something has gone terribly awry in recent limes, where profit margins are everything, and how you get there isn't even considered anymore. You don't have to be an economist to see that the entire global economy is in turmoil, and things are only getting worse. Now is the perfect time to "recalibrate" business practices at every level, prioritize for the good of "all", such that "all" may have the discretionary income to buy your product with cash, not credit, and ultimately the profits that were not the prime objective, come to fruition as wonderful "collateral damage".

Is this not a better scenario than the collateral damage we are currently seeing everywhere, with millions of people unemployed, and without a home, following foreclosure and the disbanding of their workplace when a bank deemed it a non-viable credit risk?

Success is great, however, it is how you get there that is truly important!

Mission StatementAbout MeProud SponsorsThe Fund & Its Impact Thus FarProjects Completed in Initiative's NameRoster of Kind Hearted SoulsSuggestions for Uses of FundContact MeGuestbook